King James Cosmology

A Bible Believer's Look At
Bible Cosmology,

Figurative Language,
& Progressive Revelation

By Timothy S. Morton

Copyright 2018
Timothy S. Morton
All Rights Reserved

Revised and Updated
June 2019

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1. Figurative Language
a. Figurative, Relative, and Symbolic Language in the Bible
b. Hyper-Literalism and Bible Believers
c. Figurative Language And Geocentrism

2. Bible Cosmology
a. Bible Cosmology - Part 1
b. Bible Cosmology - Part 2
c. Those Pesky "Flat-Earthers"

3. God's Various Revelations
a. God's Revelation of Himself
b. The Golden Age of Discovery and Revelation

4. What About Science?
a. Science and the Geocentrists
b. The Flat-Earth Fallacy
c. A Biological Question

5. Wrapping Things Up
a. Why is the Bible Ambiguous?
b. Some Final Thoughts

a. A Geocentrist's Questions Answered

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