Unique Bible Reference Viewing Systems

By Tim Morton

The Need For a Different Referencing Tool

Like most of you, we visit Christian websites on the Internet, some of them fairly frequently. Nearly always there is Scripture referenced in the text, often many references. However, when reading a page I almost never looked a reference up in my Bible.

As many of you certainly have found, there are a handful of organizations who have developed a tagging tool webmasters can link to in their pages that will convert the Bible references into links which will take you to the organization's web page and display the Bible text. Most now also show the text in a popup when the cursor is over the reference. This is a helpful feature, but there are still some shortcomings,

The Chrome Edition Is Born

After doing some research we determined a Chrome Browser Extension was the best system to make a local,  "stand-alone" reference tagger/viewer from. It also helps that Chrome is now the most popular browser, at around 65% market share. So learning the Chrome APIs and working in our spare time, the Lord allowed PopVerse for Chrome to be developed. There is no other reference tagging tool like it, and here's why.

To Install PopVerse for Chrome all you need is the desktop edition of the Chrome web browser (or any of its derivatives, Brave, etc.) and then go to the PopVerse Page at the Chrome Store. Once there click Install and then visit your favorite websites with Bible references and see how it works.

Here is a demonstration video of PopVerse-Chrome,

PopVerse-Server (beta)
The Server Edition of PopVerse

As mentioned above, there has been online server based linking systems available for several years. These require each web site's webmaster to place a link to the remote tool in each page of his website he wants to link. Then while a page loads, it must also load the JavaScript file on the remote server before it can finish. If the remote organization's server is slow or down, this can hinder the page loading. Another significant issue is if the remote server was hacked, anything, including text, images, or even videos could be sent in place of Bible text. Think about that a minute!

How Is PopVerse Different?

The server edition of PopVerse is different from all other server based linking tools in one key aspect—each webmaster hosts all the necessary files for it to work on his OWN SERVER and DOMAIN! There is no call to another server or website for a JavaScript file, nor is a remote database queried to provide the Bible text. No other organization or host is involved. Everything occurs on the website's own server.

Furthermore, instead of having the Bible text placed in a server based database such as MySQL, we have put it in a file based SQLite database. The advantage here is a server database does not have to be setup and configured. Some small website authors may not have access to MySQL databases or may not wish to deal with them even if they do, so a simple file based database fits the bill for an easy "drop in" system.

How Does Is Work?

For PopVerse to work all that needs to be done is copy the few files that make up the PopVerse distribution into a single folder on one's server, and then put a script tag pointing to the popverse.js file in the HTML files one wants to link. After this, PopVerse should simply work. It will be retrieving the Bible text directly from the same server and domain the website is hosted from.

SQLite is a very robust file based database system. (In fact it is the database used for our Bible Analyzer software modules.) It can handle many thousands of simultaneous connections thus there is no danger of database access lag even if many users are using PopVerse enabled web pages on a single site at once.

The files that make up the PopVerse system consist of,

All together there is around 4 MB of data with the database being the largest file.


Since PopVerse Server is locally hosted, some features can be customized to suit the hosting organization. For instance, if a ministry would like to have their name or web site in the popups and/or chapter Window or change the entire color scheme, we can provide a customized edition for a reasonable donation. See circled areas in the image below,

Sample Popup with Custom Text

Sample Chapter Display with Custom Text

How To Get PopVerse-Server Edition

If you have a web site and access to your server and want to give PopVerse a try, let me know. We will send you the package and simple instructions to install.

PopVerse is still in a refinement stage but we are using it on all our pages here at PreservedWords.com and it seems to be working as expected.


PopVerse-Chrome Screenshots