The Independent
Institute of Advanced Degrees

Specializing in Honorary Doctorates
for Fundamentalist Ministers


Fundamentalist pastor, preacher, evangelist, teacher, or minister, Have you ever:
Then The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees has the answer for you!

We can grant you an official honorary doctorate that is just as valid as any honorary doctorate of your peers.

No longer will you have to be addressed as merely pastor, preacher, or the lowly brother. You can be a Doctor in just a few minutes! In fact, you have already fulfilled all the requirements to be a Doctor.

All you need is a Diploma to make it official!

There is no need for you to waste time hob-nobbing with the brethren hoping to get connections with an institution that can give you a High Degree. Neither do you need to "wine-and-dine" someone to win their favor.

Based solely on your personal life experience (which everyone has) 
The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees will bestow upon you the Advanced, High Degree of Doctor.
The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees does not bestow the lower degrees such as Bachelor or Masters Degree because we believe you deserve the very best, the Highest Degree of Doctor
Simply click the link below to get started on your Doctorate. Our staff will immediately begin to prepare your Diploma and get it out to you as quickly as possible.

No longer will you have to feel inferior to the Doctor brethren. No longer will your self-esteem suffer the pain and torment of preaching without a doctorate. You will have attained!

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Commonly Asked Questions (Please read first)

For your convenience we have listed below some of the most frequent questions we have encountered concerning our Honorary Doctorates.

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Doctorate Application

The Degrees We Offer:
Fundamentalist Preacher: In a very short time you can have a diploma with one of these prestigious degrees after your name!

Just think of the doors it will open for your ministry!

Soon, when you are introduced to churches and congregations, you will hear the title "Doctor" before your name and your heart will swell with pride.

As a special favor to our Fundamentalist Minister friends, once you have completed your application we will immediately email you notice of your new Doctorate so you can begin addressing yourself as Doctor even before your Diploma arrives!

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below to get started. You know you deserve it!