The Genesis Gap Sidetrack

Questions For Genesis Gap Theorists

Here are a list of questions proponents of the Gap Theory should answer. If their contentions are sound they should be able to answer them all with Scripture or with scriptural principles.

Note: If the reader wishes to discuss the Genesis Gap Theory with your author, we request that he first read this entire study from the beginning and then answer all of these questions and send them along. Your author has dealt with these questions (and many others) in this study, and it is only fitting that the reader deal with them as well. That way he will have to look into the issue a little if he hasn't in the past.


This should be enough to reveal the true nature of the Gap Theory. Most certainly many of its proponents have not considered half of these questions yet they still adhere to it. "Prove all things" dear, Brethren. "PROVE ALL THINGS"!

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