The Independent
Institute of Advanced Degrees

Specializing in Honorary Doctorates
for Fundamentalist Ministers

Fundamentalist pastor, preacher, evangelist, teacher, or minister, Have you ever:
  • Felt out of place among your Doctor brethren because you don't have a Doctorate?
  • Wanted a Doctorate but did not know the right people?
  • Felt your current title of Pastor, Evangelist, or Preacher was just too bland for you?
  • Felt you needed a Doctorate to aid you in your ministry?
  • Felt your self-esteem may have been harmed because of your lack of a High Degree?
  • Believed you deserve a Doctorate because of your life experience?
  • Or do you just want the prestige of hearing the term Doctor before your name?
Then The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees has the answer for you!

We can grant you an official honorary doctorate that is just as valid as any honorary doctorate of your peers.

No longer will you have to be addressed as merely pastor, preacher, or the lowly brother. You can be a Doctor in just a few minutes! In fact, you have already fulfilled all the requirements to be a Doctor.

All you need is a Diploma to make it official!

There is no need for you to waste time hob-nobbing with the brethren hoping to get connections with an institution that can give you a High Degree. Neither do you need to "wine-and-dine" someone to win their favor.

Based solely on your personal life experience (which everyone has) 
The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees will bestow upon you the Advanced, High Degree of Doctor.
The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees does not bestow the lower degrees such as Bachelor or Masters Degree because we believe you deserve the very best, the Highest Degree of Doctor
Simply click the link below to get started on your Doctorate. Our staff will immediately begin to prepare your Diploma and get it out to you as quickly as possible.

No longer will you have to feel inferior to the Doctor brethren. No longer will your self-esteem suffer the pain and torment of preaching without a doctorate. You will have attained!

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The Degrees We Offer:
  • Doctor of Divinity
  • Doctor of Literature
  • Doctor of Letters
  • Doctor of Laws
  • Doctor of Humanities
Fundamentalist Preacher: In a very short time you can have a diploma with one of these prestigious degrees after your name!

Just think of the doors it will open for your ministry!

Soon, when you are introduced to churches and congregations, you will hear the title "Doctor" before your name and your heart will swell with pride.

As a special favor to our Fundamentalist Minister friends, once you have completed your application we will immediately email you notice of your new Doctorate so you can begin addressing yourself as Doctor even before your Diploma arrives!

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Commonly Asked Questions

For your convenience we have listed below some of the most frequent questions we have encountered concerning our Honorary Doctorates.

  • Are your honorary Doctorates really valid?
    Absolutely! Since our Doctorates are Honorary, they are valid in every way. Scores of Fundamentalist Ministers with little or no college education routinely acquire Honorary Doctorates and become a Doctor. Some have more than one!

  • Is it true that many of the Doctors in Fundamentalism hold only Honorary Doctorates?

    Yes, that is true. Most of the Fundamentalist preachers that are known as Doctors have an Honorary Doctorate. More than that, many of them do not have an undergraduate degree or never attended college. Thus your Doctorate from 
    The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees is of the same type as many of the most notable Fundamentalist Ministers! Have you ever examined a list of speakers at a "Preachers Conference" or similiar meeting and noticed all the Doctors on the agenda? In many cases the majority of them hold Honorary Doctorates! And YOU can have one, too!

  • Does it not stand to reason that an Honorary Doctorate must come from an institution of Higher Learning that can bestow Earned Doctorates for it to be truly considered a Doctorate?

    That was the case for centuries and still is in the secular world, but beginning relatively recently, Fundamentalist institutions such as Colleges, Institutes, Schools, and even Churches, as well as Universities, have bestowed Honorary Doctorates to whomever they choose. Remember, Christ granted the Church to power to bind things on earth (Matt. 18:18), thus the Fundamentalist Institutions can change the use and definition of an Honorary Doctorate as they see fit. Who would dare challenge them but a worldling or an outcast?

  • With an Honorary Doctorate can a minister legitimately refer to himself as a Doctor?

    Of course! Many Fundamentalist Ministers do it regularly. What good would an Honorary Doctorate be without the lofty designation of Doctor before or after your name? True, in the secular world where Honorary Doctorates are not as highly esteemed, it is not customary to refer to one's self as Doctor. Many in the world consider it presumptuous, tacky, or even fraudulent, but what do they know. That politicians, celebrities, and others who receive Honorary Doctorates in the secular world would not think of seriously referring to themselves as Doctor is their loss. According to the Fundamentalism it is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

  • Is it ethical for a Fundamentalist Minister to refer to himself (or allow others to refer to him) as Doctor when he holds only an Honorary Degree? Does that not lead to confusion with those who have an earned degree?

    Who is the judge of ethics more than a Fundamentalist Institution that grants Honorary Doctorates? Very rarely does a Minister feel the need to qualify his statements concerning his Honorary Doctorate. He simply refers to himself as Doctor. If some assume his Doctorate is earned rather than Honorary that is their fault. Most are unconcerned with this possible confusion because they feel they are as qualified for a Doctorate as those who have earned Doctorates.

  • Is it not unethical for a Minister with an Honorary Doctorate to use his Degree in the same manner as a Doctor with an earned Degree?

    Who is the judge of ethics more than a God-called Fundamentalist Minister? The Institution that granted him the Honorary Doctorate (no matter how small) must have deemed him worthy; therefore, there is no need for the Doctor to moderate how he uses his degree.

  • Isn't it a practice of some of the "Mainline" denominations to forbid their ministers to use or refer to a Honorary Doctorate or any other Degree they did not earn according to accepted Academic Standards?

    That has been reported, but what do the Mainline denomionations know? Fundamentalism has santified the practice of bestowing Honorary Doctorates regardless of the accepted secular Academic standards of ethics and integrity. If you are suggesting that they may be more ethical in this regard than some Fundamentalists? Perish the thought.

  • Isn't an Honorary Doctorate intended to be more an honor than a doctorate? Is it not more like an honorary "Key to the City" or being placed in a "Hall of Fame"?

    That seems to be the original, secular intention, however, as we said the Fundamentalism can make these honors real Doctorates simply by decree. That the secular world treats them as an honor or recognition and not a true doctorate is immaterial. 

  • It is common knowledge in the academic world that no one of any repute will use or cite an honorary degree or refer to such in their publications. Is it acceptable for a Minister to cite his Honorary Doctorate in his publications?

    Absolutely! Christian bookstores are replete with books and publications written by Ministers with Honorary Doctorates. They place Dr. before their name without hesitation, even if they have never been to college. That the academic world will not endorse this practice just shows their bias against Fundamentalism.

  • Are not Doctors in the Scriptures associated with the Christ hating Scribes and Pharisees (Luke 2:46, 5:17)?

    True, but that was a long time ago. Today the designation Doctor carries with it an association of knowledge and prestige. Again, Fundamentalism has sanctified the term.

  • Did not Christ brand as hypocrites those who love preeminence and relish being called exalted titles (Mat 23:7)?

    The title in Matt 23:7 is "Rabbi," not Doctor. Leading Fundamentalists have determined it is perfectly acceptable for one to exalt himself with the term Doctor. A preacher with an Honorary Doctorate can place Doctor on his letterhead, on his business cards, on his website, on his car, and even monogram it on his clothes. 
    Could all the Fundamentalist preachers who do such be wrong? Banish the thought!

  • Do Ministers of other Denominations use Honorary Doctorates similar to Fundamentalists?

    Indeed! For one, the Charismatics follow the same practice. For instance, 
    Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth E. Hagin, Oral Roberts, Joyce Meyer, Rodney Howard Brown, and Lester Sumrall all have and use their Honorary Doctorates to advance their ministries.

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